QESCO Bill Calculator 2022 | Calculate bill online

With more innovations in technology, you can now check your QESCO bills online and pay them by staying home as well. The company has provided its consumers with numerous online services. Thus, the QESCO bill calculator is one of these incredible services.

You can use this calculator to evaluate your upcoming bills. But how? This article will inform you everything about the QESCO online bill calculator.


QESCO Bill Calculator 2022

QESCO bill calculator is a tool that is used to calculate your bill amounts. You can now calculate the estimated amount of your QESCO upcoming bill by measuring the consumed units of your residential connection. This tool measures your bill to a precise extent by calculating the unit charges at a specific time. An excellent thing about this calculator is that it is a totally free-of-cost tool that can be used online.

Using the QESCO calculator is the simplest and easiest because you need to simply put the consumed units of the month, and the result will be in front of you. By entering the exact numbers of units, you will get a precise estimation for your QESCO bill along with details within a few seconds.

QESCO Rates per Unit

No. of UnitsRates per Unit
1 – 1007.74
101 – 20010.06
201 – 30012.15
301 – 70019.55
Above 70022.65

The Quetta Electric Supply Company distributes electricity supply to millions of people in the Baluchistan province. It is a vast power company that delivers power to more than 43% area of Pakistan. This company was started in 1981 by Wapda and now ranks as the 8th electricity company in the country.

QESCO Bill Calculator

Using the QESCO bill calculator is enormously easy. You can go through the following steps to effortlessly use the QESCO calculator. 

  • Enter the units which you want to calculate
  • There, you will find the “bill calculator” option on the right panel.
  • Click on Enter, and the results will be on your screen.

How to Calculate QESCO Bill?

In the QESCO bill calculator, you need to enter specific data such as units consumed, off/on peak timings, connection type, and phase connection (single or three-phase connection). Once you have entered these pieces of information, you will get the results within a few seconds.


Units Consumed

Consumed units are the number of units that were consumed in the entire month, and it is the crucial information for calculating your bill amount. However, you can find the number of consumed units easily from your electricity meter. Then subtract your previous bill units from the total units, and you will get a total number of units for the current month.

Peak and Off-Peak Timings

Peak and off-peak timings are the hours in which the rates per unit vary each day. For instance, the rate per unit for off-peak hours is 16.33, and it goes to 22.65 during peak hours. If you enter this information, it provides a more appropriate result.

Connection Type

Basically, there are three types of connections: residential, industrial, and commercial connection. You need to select which type of connection you have. However, if you do not know which connection you use, you can find it on your previous QESCO bill.


Phases also come in two types, single-phase and three-phase. Both phases have different units; therefore, you are required to enter the exact phase and connection type to get accurate results.

Bottom Line

QESCO facilitates you to analyze your upcoming bill amount with the help of the free-of-cost calculating tool. Other than this, the company also offers numerous online services. Such as, you can check the QESCO bill online, get its duplicate, and play it with a few clicks.

But to get these services, you must enter the QESCO reference number, which can be found on your previous bill. you can also calculate your iesco bill by using iesco bill calculator

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