QESCO New Connection- Online form and Application procedure

If you are about to get a QESCO new connection, then don’t worry we have made your job easier. Now you don’t need to visit any customer care center or WAPDA for a new connection because the internet has made it possible for people to get all services without leaving their comfort zone.

Every electric company has introduced its online portal system to avail its services for every consumer. Internet not only made our work easier but also facilitate us in many ways. You can apply for a connection online through an application form.

Qesco new connection

Qesco providing its consumers reliable services just to reduce their efforts in their daily busy routine. Their online services help people not to visit Qesco center for minor work and wait for hours for their turn. Therefore, QESCO has developed a portable system where you can submit soft copies of required documents for new connections.

Apply for Qesco’s new connection by visiting their near office and submit your application. The second option is to download the online form, after filling the form you can also submit it online. Qesco made this procedure quite effortless for general consumers of Domestic and Commercial Tariffs. The form is also provided in the Urdu language.

Methods to get Qesco connection online

For getting a new Qesco new connection, you can apply in two ways. Both methods are quite simple but quite different from each other. Download the application form from the website and submit it near the customer services center, it may take your two visits and maybe you have to wait for hours either you can do the whole procedure over the internet, download and submit the form online.

Both methods are easier and it’s up to you which method you feel is easy to perform. For online connection, you can submit your form in two ways:

1: Visit Qesco official site:

As we mentioned earlier, the Qesco portal system providing every service to consumers so that you can also apply for a new connection as well. Visit their official site to conduct this method and complete your procedure for new connection step by step;

  • Go to Qesco official site
  • Click on “Downloads” from menu bar
  • Select “new connection form”
  • New screen will appear. You can download this form into your PC and smartphone.
  • Choose your coverage area
  • Select the company name of your area.
  • All the information muct be correct and original while filling out the form
  • Provide your contact number which is in use.
  • Attach your required neighbor’s information as per needed
  • Attach CNIC copy of both applicant’s & witness’s
  • Paste your neighbor electricity bill copy
  • Agree to the general terms and conditions
  • Click on the ‘Submit’

In addition to this, you can also check Qesco online bill through their online services as well as all your Qesco payments histories for a month or year. Moreover, during apply online for a Qesco connection, if you don’t understand any point, simply call Qesco given contact numbers or helpline. They will assist you without any hesitation.

2: Visit ENC official website

Visit ENC http://enc.com.pk/ official site, which is a link with the Pakistani Government. This website not only supports Qesco’s online new connection but also covers the other areas of new connection such as Mepco, IESCO, LESCO, PESCO, etc. Follow the steps to apply online for a new connection:

  • Visit ENC official site
  • Click on new connection from left menu.
  • An online form will appeare on screen in front of you.
  • Just provide all the required information such as the applicant’s name, address, connection type, etc.
  • Demand notice for online new connection application is essential.
  • It’s essential to attach a copy of your neighbor’s e-bill.
  • All required documents should be genuine and scanned.
  • All information should be correct.
  • Its informed you that company has all the authority to accept or reject your application so make sure all the documents should be real
  • Once you have filled the form, submit your application online.


Qesco also facilitate domestic consumers therefore authority has made some decisions which are written below as per demand
For New domestic connection charges of Rs. 3000/- for single-phase and your meter will be divided into two parts
Rs. 300/- will be charged at the time of connection.
The remaining amount of Rs. 2700/- would be charged in nine months in installments of RS -300 with upcoming electric bills


iLength of service line up to and including 40 metersRs. 8000/- 
iiLength of service line above 40 meters and up to and including 100 meters (with one span LT with Ant conductor and one pole/structure).Rs. 8000/-
Rs. 140/-
Per meter over and above 40 meters
iiiLength of service line above 100 meters and up to and including 160 meters (with two-span LT with Ant conductor and two poles/structures).Rs. 16400/-
Rs. 220/-
Per meter over and above 100 meters
ivLength of service line above 160 meters and up to and including 280 meters.Rs. 29600/-
Rs. 250/-
Per meter over and above 160 meters
GM (C.S)/TARIFF/G-226/VOL: III  Dated 11 October 1997


GM (C.S)/TARIFF/G-226/VOL: III  Dated 11 October 1997

1Tariff A-1 (Single-phase supply).Amount of Security Deposit
Rs. 1500/-
Rs. 400/-
2Tariff A-1 (Three-phase supply).Rs. 2500/-
Plus Rs. 700/- KW for load above 5 KW
3Tariff A-2 (Single-phase supply). 
Rs. 1200/-
Rs. 800/-
4Tariff A-2 (Three-phase supply)Rs. 5000/-PlusRs. 1300/- KW for load above 5 KW
5Tariff-B-11400 KW subject to minimum of Rs. 10,000/-
6Tariff-B-2Rs. 1900/- KW
7Tariff-B-3Rs. 4500/- KW
8Tariff-B-4Rs. 5000/- KW
9Tariff-C-1Rs. 1600/- KW Subject to a minimum of Rs. 12000/-
10Tariff-C-2Rs. 4500/- KW
11Tariff-C-3Rs. 5000/- KW
12Tariff-D(46) Rs. 20,000/- KW
13Tariff-D(52) Rs. 12000/- KW
14Tariff-FDouble the rates of regular Industrial tariff
15Tariff-GRs. 1600/- KW
16Tariff-HRs. 2500/- KW
17Tariff-IRs. 330/- KW
18Tariff-JRs. 910/- KW

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